There is a new trend I see sweeping my Facebook newsfeed.  Including pets (mostly dogs) in the wedding!  My first reaction was that this was a magnificent idea!  Most people think of their pets as family, so why not include them in a very family oriented tradition?  Visions of my pit-mix in a tutu danced in my head...  And that's about where the vision stopped.  Then I began considering the downsides.  Here is my (very scientific) list of pros and cons to letting your fur babies be a part of your big day:


  • Not having to think about boarding or finding a sitter for your pet
  • Studies have shown the petting a dog can lower your heart rate, reducing big day stress
  • Having a puppy ring bearer really ups the cute factor
  • hink of the photos!


  • You may still need to hire a pet sitter to watch them during the ceremony/after
  • Having a family member who is allergic/afraid will increase stress
  • Not all dogs love big crowds and even well trained dogs can get overwhelmed
  • If you bring your pets, your guests may want to bring their (less well behaved) pets

Your wedding planner is a great asset here.  They will know things you haven't even thought about, such as whether or not pets are even allowed at your venue!  They may also have creative ways to include your pet without needing to literally, physically, include them.  If you are dead set on having your fuzzy best friend in your ceremony, they will also be able to give you a realistic expectation of what you can and can't accomplish, as well as resources for getting those things done, and done on time.