Welcome to the new Max.B Group blog!  I wanted to be sure to introduce the new voice of the blog and outline a bit of what you can expect in the future.  My name is Emily and I have nearly 25 years of experience in weddings.  Staring with being a flower girl to my wonderful Aunt Wendy at the age of 6 (where I was disappointed at not being able to actually throw the flowers, just carry them), singing in the Cathedral of Christ the King children’s choir from the ages of 5 to 12 (where I sang nearly every Saturday for a wide variety of brides and got my first taste of just how many different kinds of weddings there can be), working for Sun in My Belly and Servers Only (where I got a chance to work for a catering company and get a feel for the behind the scenes of weddings), and now being the quintessential sarcastic millennial who feels like her Facebook newsfeed is a constant stream of engagement and wedding photos.  I have also been a bridesmaid, maid of honor, and just plain guest at an absurd amount of weddings.  I feel uniquely qualified to fill the position of blogger on this particular subject.

            So check back in once a week for money saving tips and tricks, craft inspirations and instructions, trends in wedding fashion, and just plain fun ideas.  We’ll also be interviewing brides who are at every stage of planning; from the newly engaged up to the ones celebrating big anniversaries to get their stories (or cautionary tales…).  Plus practical advice, like how to find the best venue, how to pick the right make-up artist, and how to know if he is ‘the one.”  Feel free to post your own anecdotes or questions in the comments and I may follow up with you for a future blog post!