It's craft time!  Today we are going to learn how to create a nice, custom statement piece for your wedding day.  Statement art isn't just for the dining room anymore!  In fact, you can have several big pieces to draw attention to important areas of you ceremony and reception.  For example, a large sign to indicate where the guest book is, or other unique indicators.  Just make sure you don't overdo it.  Too many big statement pieces become less of a statement and more of an incoherent jumble of messages.  The featured piece here is one so simple you don't need to have a single crafty bone in your body, and yet it will look like you are the queen of Pinterest!

In this example, I was at a flea market and saw a vender who had a painting with a ripped canvas put off to one side with what appeared to be trash.  When I asked what happened he told me some children were playing around and destroyed the painting.  The mother had paid for the artwork but didn't actually want it, so he was throwing it away.  I snachted it up immediately not knowing exactly what I was going to use it for, but I knew it was too good a find to leave behind!  You can use any old frame you have for a smaller version, or go to your local craft store and purchase an empty frame in any size you wish.  Another great option is to go to Home Depot and find the wood cutting station and see if they have wood scraps they're throwing away, especially trim pieces, that you can use.  Though, if you chose the hardware store option you will need wood cutting tools and a basic knowledge of how to cut a corner.

You will need:
1.)  A frame with nothing in it and no glass
2.)  Wooden, plastic, or cardboard letters (Make sure all your letters fit inside your frame)
3.)  Other small decorative items (ex: fake flowers, glitter, photos)
4.)  Hanging hardware or Command strips

Start by hanging your empty frame where you would like it to be displayed.  If your frame has a hanging wire, like mine did, you can use a single nail or frame hook.  If not, you may want to either attach a wire (with a staple gun or hot glue, depending on how heavy your frame is) or use a product like Command strips to hang.  Check with your venue before hand, especially if you plan on using nails.  You may be required to use Command strips so you can remove it when the reception is over without leaving any permanent marks.  Your wedding planner can help you figure out what your best option is.  

After you have hung the frame you will want to place the letters inside.  You can go for a very straightforward approach and have the letters read left to right, or get a little whimsical like in the example where they are at a diagonal.  Use your Command strips or hanging hardware to place everything where you would like it to go.

Viola!  You have created something crafty!  You can leave it just like that for an understated look, or you can get as colorful as you want!  Add flowers or pictures to the frame, paint the letters your wedding colors, or add glitter anywhere it suits you.  This is your creation, have fun with it!  And after the ceremony you can bring it home with you to decorate your living area.  Mine is hanging over the bed!  Or you can save it with pictures and skip the extra clutter.  Entirely up to you!